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I created Kyoshi Island so my people could be safe from invaders.

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Avatar/Korra Fandom. I have questions. Help?





Okay. So. in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Katara was the last of the Southern Waterbenders, right?

But Korra is (obviously) a Southern waterbender, but not related to Katara, so clearly bending is not genetic.

But, so why is Aang’s bloodline the last of the airbenders? Why can’t new airbenders be born outside of his bloodline? 


they don’t know what they be doing

Well, Katara was the last born in her age group. The S. Tribe was all women, children, elderly, the men off to war. They probably carry W. Bending genes and they may have appeared later in new children born. Also, Aang was the very last Air bender. I think all the temples were cleansed, even of the non-benders. There were other water benders, perhaps Notherners, who went south to help, take on S. Tribe citizenry etc… I don’t know. Also, the water bending prisoners could have been found? If any survived.

I ACTUALLY WONDERED ABOUT THIS TOO because they said bending wasn’t genetic, right? So why are there no airbenders anywhere besides Aang and his family? Even if the fire nation killed all the living airbenders that shouldn’t have wiped them all out because others should have been born in other areas, right? Or am I confused? 

Well, consider how the world is presented to us in TLA. The nations are all separate. No earthbenders are popping up amongst the Water Tribes. Although not all peoples of the nations are benders, the separate bending arts are unique to their home nations. It’s only after TLA ends that the nations really start mixing. Sure, there were some Fire Nation colonies that had been established in the Earth Kingdom and thus some mixing there. But it’s a good few decades before things really start to get desegregated the way we see in LoK. And for as much as the other nations are finally mixing, it’s not possible for that to happen yet with the Air Nomads. Aang was all that was left of them. He was the last person with the potential to pass on the ability to airbend. The world of Avatar isn’t going to see airbenders pop out of seemingly nowhere (like Katara, considering her family hadn’t had any other benders since at least before her grandparents’ generation) until Aang’s decedents really start to multiply and spread out, which won’t be for many generations from now.

So I think when they say bending isn’t genetic, I’m thinking they just mean that just because two people who can bend have children, that doesn’t mean said children will be benders too. Case in point, Bumi the muggle of the Avatar Aang family. But there is a degree of genetics to it, considering the points made above. 

OK so obviously we’re all freaking out about the new LoK

but can I ask a question about something I just noticed about the original? Ok. So this came about when I was considering new!Iroh and the who is his other grandma question, Mai or Suki, and how it’s kind of cool if it is Suki that Iroh has heritage from all four of the nations. 

OK, so Suki. She’s the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors. The Kyoshi Warriors are a big deal on  Kyoshi Island, and are likely highly respected all over the Earth Kingdom. The Kyoshi Warriors are all teenaged girls.

Like…do they have to quit when they turn 20 or something? Why are there no grown women in the ranks? 

A quick inquiry about the Avatar universe

Is it possible for parents in this world to be killed by non-firebenders? I mean, Katara and Sokka, Jet, Amon, Mako and Bolin, Asami. All of them had their parents cut down by firebenders. Can’t some other bender or, hell, even a nonbender do the deed for once? Because last time I checked, water can drown people, rocks can crush them, and swords are sharp as fuck. 

Oh hey look. More Avatar feelings. Finishing up the finale right now, and something I never really noticed before. So Toph runs off with Zuko to go look for Aang, claiming it’s her turn for a magical field trip. For as much as Toph talks about tackling issues head on, when it comes to her treatment by and feelings about her parents, she’s pretty evasive. She’ll talk about it, but only when there’s been a lot of build up and tension. But she opens up completely to Zuko. She wants to talk to him about it. She wants him to know these emotional problems she’s trying to work through. Toph has known him the least amount of time out of the whole group, but she openly goes to talk to him about her insecurities and feelings. This, in addition to her talk with him during the play to help him feel better about his uncle, it really just adds to my headcanon that they have a really awesome friendship. Maybe not as epic as Toph’s with Sokka, but still pretty awesome. 

Character Analysis: Iroh

So, in case it hasn’t been glaringly obvious, I’m on a bit of an Avatar kick right now. Between rewatching the original and then the new Korra episodes every week, lots of feelings. And the characters in this universe are so well written and diverse, it just makes me want to gush.

So this time I want to talk about Iroh. I was thinking about this after seeing some posts about people misconstruing curiosity and questions about Asami’s back-story and what will be going on with her character as hate. My concern about all that is that, why do people think just because someone’s wondering about what a character might be hiding, why does that have to equate to hate? Just because there’s a chance she might be a villain, why does that mean we’d hate her? Didn’t we like Azula and Zhao? Didn’t Zuko, Mai, and Ty Lee also start off as villains?

Anyway, that’s what’s led me to want to talk about Iroh. Because he starts off as a villain too. Sure, Iroh is extremely likeable throughout the whole series, but he’s still Fire Nation royalty, still there on that boat with Prince Zuko trying to capture the Avatar. So let’s talk about that for a few minutes here.

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As much as I do like Suki, I would really, really be ok with Sokka being Lin’s dad. He is just the sweetest with how he interacts with Toph.

Also, I get really sad when Aang shaves his hair again. He’s such a scruffy cutie pie with his hair.

Watching the beach

Azula, you are the light of my life.

I will never fucking get over how perfect Sokka and Katara are. Just, I feel like so many shows with siblings kind of forget that the characters are related. But Katara and Sokka hug a lot and always worry about each other and just act like siblings should. It’s really just wonderful.

So in my rewatching of Avatar, amidst all the “omg babies!!” types of feelings, I just wanted to talk about something I’ve noticed about Zuko. Azula is considered the more dangerous of the siblings, and with her ruthlessness, yeah, that’s probably true. But watching these, Zuko is a lot more dangerous than I was really giving him credit before. 

Zuko’s skills with firebending really improve throughout the course of the series. Early in the water chapter, when he’s training with Iroh, Iroh is trying to drive home how important the basics are. So we get that Zuko isn’t too advanced at this point. But as time progresses, Zuko’s skills vastly improve. He takes on Zhao, who is a master, in an Agni Kai. At the North Pole, Zuko fights Katara, who at this point is a master in her own element, and just moments after a full moon sets, he beats her. When Azula is first introduced, Zuko isn’t much of a match for her, but he is advanced enough that Iroh starts to teach him how to redirect lightning. That’s a pretty big deal considering that Iroh is the only person in the world who can do this. Not to mention, just creating lightning is a skill that’s very rare. By the final season, Zuko is progressed enough that he can take on Azula and can be counted on to serve as the Avatar’s teacher. 

So obviously, Zuko is a powerful bender. Pair this with his temper, and it’s easy to call him dangerous. But then comes the Blue Spirit. Holy crap. I mean, watch him when he’s got the mask on. Zuko never touches his bending. And he kicks all kinds of ass. This is just another example of how non-benders aren’t helpless against benders. 

So, when you think about it, unless you have Zuko tied down, he’s going to kick your ass, even if he’s in a situation where he can’t bend. 

Yeah, not a very articulate post, but just some thoughts.