Character Analysis: Severus Snape

So the other day I got into a debate with my cousin regarding Severus Snape. He was convinced that Snape was a sort of father figure for Harry and was just delivering some “tough love,” and yeah, no. So I know that countless people have done this and with far more insight and elegance than myself, but I need to get this inner dialogue written down so it’ll stop playing through my head.

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Character Analysis: Remus Lupin and Sirius Black (as per PoA)

Since I just got done rereading Prisoner of Azkaban, which is probably my favorite of the Harry Potter books, I need to sort out some feelings. Sorry some of this probably isn’t articulated well.

I love rereading this book. I love going back and looking at it past Harry’s point of view. I love going back and knowing who Remus and Sirius actually are and considering their sides of things. Because it makes for some really emotional moments. So let’s start by considering Harry and Remus’s introduction.

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Character Analysis: Scott McCall

Let’s talk for a few minutes about Scott McCall. I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum with how people react to his character. I’ve seen people who love him and people who hate him. I think I would say that I like Scott, but more often than not, I’m disappointed with him. Potential spoilers below (also, this focuses more on him in the first season, since I’m rewatching it as we speak).

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The Makorrasami Situation

Ok. So, after this week’s Korra, I want to try to get all of my feelings about the Asami/Mako/Korra triangle. I’ve mentioned this before, but again, I ship Mako/Korra. That’s my end game, but I do not hate Asami. However, I am still mostly indifferent towards her right now.

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Character Analysis: Iroh

So, in case it hasn’t been glaringly obvious, I’m on a bit of an Avatar kick right now. Between rewatching the original and then the new Korra episodes every week, lots of feelings. And the characters in this universe are so well written and diverse, it just makes me want to gush.

So this time I want to talk about Iroh. I was thinking about this after seeing some posts about people misconstruing curiosity and questions about Asami’s back-story and what will be going on with her character as hate. My concern about all that is that, why do people think just because someone’s wondering about what a character might be hiding, why does that have to equate to hate? Just because there’s a chance she might be a villain, why does that mean we’d hate her? Didn’t we like Azula and Zhao? Didn’t Zuko, Mai, and Ty Lee also start off as villains?

Anyway, that’s what’s led me to want to talk about Iroh. Because he starts off as a villain too. Sure, Iroh is extremely likeable throughout the whole series, but he’s still Fire Nation royalty, still there on that boat with Prince Zuko trying to capture the Avatar. So let’s talk about that for a few minutes here.

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Character Analysis: Parents of Avatar

So can I just go on for a few minutes about all the parents in Avatar? Because they’re all so amazingly different. Absolutely no one is recycled. You really can’t look at any of them and say “Oh, X is almost exactly like Y.”

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Guys. The Lorax. Or, that one time I had all the Once-ler feelings.

So, I saw the Lorax yesterday, and I liked it. Or, to be more accurate, I really liked the Once-ler. Definitely having some Once-ler related feelings now. So settle in for a rambling about it. I guess this also sort of counts as a character analysis post.

Ed Helms, I think, did a great job. I like him anyway, and he made the Once-ler a likeable guy, all goofy and sweet. He starts out as just this normal guy. He’s got dreams and ambitions, and he’s going out into the world to see them through. He’s got a family that doesn’t believe in him, that ridicules him, but he’s not letting it keep him down. He’s just like any of us at this point. He goes out there, and he finds the Truffula tree valley, and he sets up shop, throwing his stuff around fairly carelessly. He chops down a tree without thinking anything of it. And that’s no different from any of us. When we go out into nature, how many of us take care to make sure to not bend a single blade of grass? We all live in a world where, in our day to day lives, we’re surrounded by things that come from chopped trees. No big deal.

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Character Analysis: Loki

Thor and Loki. Can I just go on forever about these two? I’ve got a lot of feelings, mostly for Loki. Loki is one of the most amazing, sympathetic villains I’ve ever seen, and I absolutely love the direction they took his character in the movie. Hiddles. God, you nailed it, son.

But let’s get into this. We start off the movie with Thor’s coronation. The deleted scenes I think really should have been included in the main body of the movie. They really help to expand on the characters. Before his coronation, we see Thor showing a moment of doubt, or at the very least nervousness. He’s worried about how he will be perceived in his succession of Odin. Thor is this extremely arrogant and confident man, so for him to show this moment is a big deal. And it’s Loki who is there to reassure him. Loki has this reputation as a liar, but he is so sincere with Thor here. He says flat out that there are times that he’s jealous, but Thor should never, ever doubt Loki’s love. I think this entire plot of Loki’s started because of that, because of his love for his brother.

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Character Analysis: Bones, Kirk, and Spock

Character analysis! Haven’t done this in a while. So let’s jump right on into Star Trek XI, specifically Jim and his relationships with both Spock and Bones. Two things first off. In the reboot universe, I ship Jim and Bones. So that will be discussed here. Second, I’m not getting into anything from the original series here. I have only seen two, maybe three, episodes all the way through. Granted, I think Kirk and Spock make more sense in that universe. So, onto the discussion.

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Character Analysis: Avatar: The Last Airbender

OK, time for another installment of Character Analysis Theater. Today we’ll be diving into Avatar: The Last Airbender. So settle in, kids, this is going to be a long one.

When Avatar came out, my youngest brother was still little enough that he was watching cartoons in the mornings while he ate breakfast. So, walking in and out of the kitchen, I’d catch glimpses of the show, but since it looked like an anime, I had no interest whatsoever (at about sixteen I finally cut myself off from the anime world, and I feel a lot awkward any time an old fandom peeks it’s head up, idk why). It was a few years later, after the finale had been aired that I finally decided to give the show a chance. I think I had been seeing some really fantastic art for it on DA, which was a big factor in the decision. So I watched it and found that it was an amazing show with amazing story and character development and art and just everything.

Now, I’m going to say first off that if I had had my way, the show would have ended with these pairings: Zuko/Katara, Aang/Toph, and Sokka/Yue. Now, that isn’t to say that I don’t like any characters or pairing not mentioned or that I think anyone who prefers those canon pairings is wrong. Not at all. These are just my personal preferences, to be discussed in more detail to come.

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