Character Analysis: Remus Lupin and Sirius Black (as per PoA)

Since I just got done rereading Prisoner of Azkaban, which is probably my favorite of the Harry Potter books, I need to sort out some feelings. Sorry some of this probably isn’t articulated well.

I love rereading this book. I love going back and looking at it past Harry’s point of view. I love going back and knowing who Remus and Sirius actually are and considering their sides of things. Because it makes for some really emotional moments. So let’s start by considering Harry and Remus’s introduction.

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Okay. So. The circus episode of YJ. I can’t. Not only all the Robin and Flying Grayson feels, but ugh, there’s so many other little gems. Like Roy asking if there’s an elephant, and Dick saying not on foreign tours. I didn’t even think about it the first time I watched this, but guys, that’s Zitka. And then those twins who complain about the Danger kids getting the top spot even though the one who had been sick is feeling better. Haley completely blows them off, saying they just don’t like competition. Sure, you can pass that off as he’s in the middle of a show and in a hurry, doesn’t have time to debate this right now, but then at the end of the episode we learn that he’s basically known it was Dick all along. Ugh. Guys. He knew. Haley knew it was Dick. So what he did there was give Dick the top spot, that big moment in the spotlight, without breaking his cover or outing him. Sure, Dick wasn’t there to be the center of attention, but Dick likes an audience. Dick is a showman, and no amount of time in the shadows with the Bat is going to take that out of him. Haley watched Dick growing up. He watched him learn how to walk on a tightrope. He knows this about Dick, and even though he’s not sure why exactly Dick is there and playing undercover, he goes along with it, gives Dick something he needs and misses, and ugh, guys, Dick and the circus just gives me all the feelings. 

Parts of Teen Wolf fandom sicken me sometimes.


  • Dude murders dozens of people, tortures half-the-cast, shoots the main character, stalks lead female character, is a creep and generally a psycho just because because he almost drowned - “awww you poor misunderstood person, we forgive you
  • Derek threatens to kill the main cast, guts scott a few times, sides with the enemy twice, beats up his own people, targets lydia and jackson - “aww you poor misunderstood person, let us hug you”
  • Allison grieves, goes on revenge path, admits being wrong, but she realizes that its a part of herself and wants to learn to balance who she was with who she has become - “why would we ever forgive you~!!!!111oneoneone

The sexism in this fandom us astonishing and disgusting. I am convinced that these “elements” in the fandom would hate female characters for even blinking.

I don’t even.

I just want to say that for me, personally, my “dislike” of Allison was more worry. Because she starts out not this person. She’s visibly shaken by seeing Kate torture Derek. She’s appalled to learn that Kate burnt innocent people alive, some of them human, some of them children. We see at the beginning of Season 2 that she’s choosing love, to be with Scott despite prejudice from her family. Scott has a semi-functioning relationship with Derek, and Allison seems to accept that well enough. Then her mother is bitten and kills herself. Of course Allison is devistated, and she has every right to be. And then she’s manipulated by Gerard into reacting to everything with anger and vengence. And maybe it’s just that as the audience, we see this so obviously. But Allison calls Derek a priority, rather than the kanima who is killing at seemingly random. Granted, her information on what happened has probably been biased. She probably doesn’t know that Derek was there to save Scott from her mother. She probably doesn’t know that the bite wasn’t deliberate (if it had been, it would have been shown happening, not after she stumbles outside).

So the concern here is that Allison is reacting to all of this with anger. She sides with Gerard and goes hunting. She attacks Boyd and Erica, classmates of hers, with the intent to kill them. They are running terrified from her, and she just launches arrow after arrow into Boyd as Erica begs her to stop, and only does so when Chris shoots her bow. And she isn’t disturbed by any of this until Gerard blatantly states that he would kill his own son to live a few extra years.

So if we compare her to Matt and Derek, with Matt, you’re kind of just heartbroken here, because this boy was so terribly wronged, and he broke under it, and then was killed in that same way that started it all. I don’t care who you are or what he did, that is still heartbreaking. Derek, on the other hand, while he makes threats, he does them to be intimidating. Unless he’s up against an Argent who is actively trying to kill him, he’s not looking for a throat to rip out. Look at his interactions with the other main characters. He might make a threat around Scott or Stiles, but he never does anything more than glare and maybe push Stiles at a wall. Think of all the times he could have killed Allison just because she’s an Argent. Instead, he drives her safely home from a party and tries to put distance between her and Scott to keep her safe. He only makes moves after Jackson and Lydia because of kanima business.

So my concerns about Allison were involved in her too close to Kate for comfort way of dealing with this, especially after she had condemed Kate’s actions. Spoilers for the finale: I’m glad she’s finally shaken enough that she’s realized Gerard can’t be trusted even a litte bit. I’m glad she’s realizing that she was wrong. All I want for her is for her to get back to a good place where she can be with Scott and the whole pack can be together and happy. That is all. I get that the op is probably talking about people who are more hating Allison blatantly and not giving any reasons as to why her behavior is cause for concern compared to Matt’s or Derek’s or anyone else. But here’s my two cents either way. Sorry for the feels.

Character Analysis: Scott McCall

Let’s talk for a few minutes about Scott McCall. I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum with how people react to his character. I’ve seen people who love him and people who hate him. I think I would say that I like Scott, but more often than not, I’m disappointed with him. Potential spoilers below (also, this focuses more on him in the first season, since I’m rewatching it as we speak).

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I do have one more point to make about the LoK episodes this weekend

Fuck you, Water Tribe. Fuck you with your sweet sibling pairs who really just love each other so much and are tiny and adorable, and fuck you for the comparison of Sokka and Katara, who would do anything in the world for each other and protect each other and stick together through thick and thin, and Amon and Tarrlok, who had such a heartbreaking upbringing and even though he’s kind of losing it Amon still protects Tarrlok from their father and tries to take him away but he’s just so messed up in the head because Yakone is a douche father right up there with Ozai so he leaves Tarrlok behind but then years and years later he’s still so fucked up that he would do this awful thing to the little brother that he used to just want to look out for and everything is so messed up and then explosions. Fuck you, Water Tribe. 





Asgard mourning over Loki

This just kills me. Because seriously, is anyone really surprised that Loki completely lost it? Thor and Frigga are literally the only people who show any regret over what happened to him. Odin THREW A FUCKING PARTY. No one gave a shit that Loki had fallen into the darkness, and that he’d fought beside them for thousands of years. They just had a big feast, and that was it.

Compare this to the way everyone reacted when Thor was banished. They knew he wasn’t dead, that he was probably fine somewhere, but all they could think about was how terrible it was and how they needed to get him back, even though it was his own fault that he was banished and it was a lesson he needed to learn. Loki even points this out to them, but they don’t listen to him. None of them ever listened to Loki, even though for the most part he was probably the most clear-headed person in Asgard. Even sabotaging Thor’s coronation was pretty sensible. Yeah, a lot of it came from jealousy and the desire to fuck shit up, but honestly Thor was not ready to be king at that point. That was very obvious. He needed to grow up and learn that war wasn’t a game, and that he couldn’t just do whatever the hell he wanted. So Loki puts it all on hold in typical Loki style, because seriously no one was going to listen to him if he tried to actually point out that Thor wasn’t ready for the crown. He had to take matters into his own hands. All of Asgard treated him like shit. They ignored him and they made constant jibes at him. And then they’re surprised when it turns out he hates them all. 

And so the confrontation between Loki and Thor in Avengers breaks my heart, because I don’t think Thor was lying. The thing about Thor is that he’s this big innocent teddy bear who sees everything in the way he wants to, and so he probably does believe everyone saw Loki the way he did, and that they loved him as he did. And that’s why he thought the slights against Loki were ‘imagined’, because he honestly didn’t notice them. Thor just wants everything to be okay, and that’s kind of his downfall with Loki, because he just doesn’t notice all the things that are fucked up in the way Loki is treated.

Loki knows they didn’t mourn. Thor is the one person who cared about him even though he had a completely different skills set from the warriors of Asgard, and even so he’s never going to understand Loki because he refuses to see what Loki has had to put up with all these years.

Also, Odin can suck my dick. 

I’ve seen some poeple point out that consider how people act at wakes and such. I mean, at my grandmother’s, we joked and laughed, and we remembered all the good times with her. But in this case, I so severely doubt that’s what’s going on. This just breaks my heart. Thor and Frigga are the only ones who care. Even though he obviously took Loki from Jotunheim with all kinds of plots to use him, Odin still rasied Loki right along side his own son, and even he doesn’t give a shit at all. Loki’s childhood had to have been so miserable, just knowing that all but the tiniest handful of people couldn’t have cared less about him, and as he grows up, they just keep reaffirming it by pushing him to the side, downplaying his talents, and not considering his feelings at all. Just, the poor guy.

So this week’s Korra

Let’s start off with Mako. It’s time, buddy. It’s time to make the move. You’re in love with Korra, so you need to break it off with Asami. Now, the problem with Mako and feelings, I’m thinking, is that this boy is so emotionally stunted. He didn’t have the opportunity to emotionally mature like a normal person would, so maybe he doesn’t even realize what he’s doing here. But there’s a war on. It’s time to get things straightened out. Again, I understand that feelings are complicated. But now he really is starting to act like a jerk, and someone—Bolin, maybe you can control your brother—needs to sit him down and spell it out for him. Because these kids are all going to need their heads in the game going up against Amon next week.

Now, the Airbender children. Oh. My. Fucking. God. Tenzin’s children are all just perfect. I can’t even. They are babies, ok. Babies. But that doesn’t matter. When their home and family were being threatened, they didn’t go sit inside like the grown ups said to do. They put on their war faces and went and fucked Equalist shit up.

Also, was it just me, or was the new baby named Rohan? As in, he’s going to grow up one day and become the Master of the Rohirrim? Moving on.

Lin. Lin. Oh my God, I’m heartbroken for her. From only a few episodes back, we see that Lin and Tenzin are still kind of tense around each other. They had dated when they were younger, and things ended when Pema admitted her feelings for Tenzin (I see too many people refer to this as stealing, and I kind of hate that term. Pema didn’t trick Tenzin. She simply told him that she loved him, and then Tenzin made the decision to break it off with Lin and start dating Pema). Maybe Tenzin and Lin’s relationship was all honkey dory, but likely it was probably tense in the end, and Lin was left with bitter feelings when they broke up. So here’s Lin, years later still harboring that bitterness to a degree, but with the threat of Amon looming over the city, they two agree to put aside feelings from the past and work together. Amon being around made Lin and Tenzin become actual friends again.

So, it’s only recently that Lin has become ok with really being around Tenzin again, and now being around his family. And what does she do when the Equalists come a-knocking? She stands out there and says to get to those kids, they have to go through her. And when they have to make the strategic move of running away to fight another day, Lin goes with the airbenders, because they are all that’s left of that culture, and they are her friends, and she absolutely cannot let anything happen to them. And that is to the point that she knowingly sacrifices herself to give them the chance to get away. When Lin jumps off the bison and onto the airships, she isn’t expecting to make it out of there. She is brave and loyal to the end, and would have spat in Amon’s eye if he hadn’t been wearing that stupid mask.

And finally, Iroh. Baby Iroh. Coming in to handle shit Fire Nation style. Because we all know the Fire Nation doesn’t fuck around.

I don’t think I really need to go into any details about all my feelings on Zuko’s grandson being named after his uncle. Because there aren’t really any words.

Additionally, in addition to, Zuko, your family makes some fine ass babies. Props.

So about Iroh part 2

He’s really causing a stir, isn’t he? Only in the show for a couple of seconds and the fandom exploded. I’ve already seen a lot of speculation about is he Zuko’s son or grandson and all sorts of things. So here’s my thoughts.

Guys. He’s young, definitely younger than Lin and Tenzin, who are probably the youngest of the Gaang kids, by several years. He’s likely in his 30s. Now, men can sire children well into old age, so yes, it is possible that Zuko is his father, but I doubt it. Plus, as many people have pointed out, Iroh’s uniform matches what we see Bumi wearing in the official family tree. So, the most likely scenario, if they are related, Bumi married Zuko’s daughter, and together they had Iroh.

I’ve also noticed a few people questioning Iroh’s name, saying why would Zuko’s daughter name her child after Iroh, because she wouldn’t have been close to him the way Zuko was. Are you kidding? Really? Is that even a question? Zuko’s daughter would have grown up knowing how important Iroh was to Zuko even if he had died before her birth, and there is nothing abnormal about her naming her son for this man that meant so much to her father. I mean, need a real life example? I never knew my grandmother, as she died before I was born, but my dad loved her so much that her name is on my list of potential baby names for the one day some day that I have kids. 

So anyway, Iroh is Zuko’s grandson, in addition to possibly Aang and Katara’s. As for his other grandmother, who knows. Could be Mai. Some people are even considering Suki based on the Promise Trilogy comics. So say Suki is the other grandmother. That would actually be pretty interesting, as it would give Iroh heritage from each of the four nations, something that would be entirely unique to him and any siblings. So, along with this, people are also wondering what element Iroh bends, if any. I’ve seen a good number of posts with people talking about how neat it would be if he was an earthbender or a waterbender. 

Guys. No. The likelihood of that happening is almost negative. We don’t know much about Suki’s family, but Suki herself is not a bender. Katara is the first bender in her family for a good long while. Aang (seriously tho, guys, I really thought it had been a thing that everyone in the Air Nomad nation was an airbender, but meh, I guess not), we also don’t know about his actual family since the children in the Air Nomads weren’t raised by their parents but by guardians. But Zuko, we know a lot about Zuko’s family, and firebending is extremely strong there. There are a number of prodigies, and people like Uncle Iroh who are inventing new techniques, ie lightning redirection. If Iroh II is bending an element, it’s going to be fire. Not to mention, with the information we have right now, Iroh is the heir to the Fire Nation throne. Being a firebender is probably a requirement there. 

Wow. Ok, that is way too much for a character who was only on the screen for a few seconds, but what can I say. Love me some Zuko family. Really, really looking forward to next week’s super episode. Iroh, feel free to make the Krew girls swoon and forget Mako. And, I swear to God, if he doesn’t say something about tea and honor, I’m going to lose my shit. 

The Makorrasami Situation

Ok. So, after this week’s Korra, I want to try to get all of my feelings about the Asami/Mako/Korra triangle. I’ve mentioned this before, but again, I ship Mako/Korra. That’s my end game, but I do not hate Asami. However, I am still mostly indifferent towards her right now.

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those crazy clowns


This pairing, it is sick, it is twisted, it is abusive from both sides, and I cannot get enough of it. Harley’s fascination with the Joker is absolutely unfathomable. When Harley begins working at Arkham, she’s a young, ambitious, slightly repressed woman, but there isn’t any sense that she’s unhinged. She’s drawn to the Joker out of a desire to use him to boost her career. The Joker sees a mind that he can mold towards his own purposes. They are both planning on using each other, but it’s the Joker whose manipulations are successful. He manages to gain Harley’s trust and affections. And immediately, you have to wonder how. How was he able to do this? As I said, at this point, Harley doesn’t seem like someone who is crazy or even like someone who is unbalanced. The Joker has a reputation, and it’s not exactly sugar coated. Everyone knows that the Joker is the worst of the worst. He isn’t to be trifled with. When super villains want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories. Harley, living in Gotham, would have certainly known all about him and what he’s capable of. Yet, she still falls for his lies and manipulations. How?

Whatever it is that happens, she falls and she falls hard, to the point that she completely abandons her career and status as a decent member of society to join the Joker on his crime spree. And despite the way he treats her, the constant verbal and physical abuse, she sticks around and just loves him all the more. It’s mind boggling, and I can’t understand it, but that’s what she does. Of course, the Joker doesn’t always walk away scot free from treating Harley wrong. She occasionally dishes it right back at him. Whatever the Joker’s done, whether he hurts her or she hurts him, Harley is always quick to forgive him, and they’re back to whatever passes for bliss between them.

But this affection isn’t one sided. The blinding devotion, certainly it’s only Harley that feels that, but the Joker occasionally comes to the realization that he cares about Harley. That’s always when he really ups his efforts to hurt her. That’s when he attempts to kill her. Because he doesn’t understand love, and he figures that it’s just easier to off the source of the feelings rather than try to sort them out in that jumbled mess of a brain of his.

This is probably the most unhealthy fictional relationship (although Bella and Edward can give them a run for their money) that I’ve ever seen, but there’s something about it that I just love. It’s definitely my favorite ship of the entire DCAU.