It’s a fabulous USO Show!

Fandom: MCU

Summary: The Captain America show tours the front. 

Notes: Just some dumb happiness in the wake of the Winter Soldier. What if Bucky hasn’t been captured fighting HYDRA at Azzano.

Their last assault had been rough, which, considering the casualty list, is the understatement of the year. Bucky Barnes sits still on a cot while a nurse checks the healing progress of the cut along his hairline. The damned thing had bleed like a bitch and required six stitches. The iodine she dabs it with stings, but he does his best not to wince. A lot of fellas came away from that fight with a whole lot worse than him.

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So I accidentally Teen Wolf/Pacific Rim Au. Oops. 

[background: my headcanon for Claudia Stilinski has her being Russian. idk, I just like it. Her co-pilot is her sibling. Also, using Cherno Alpha because I didn’t really like the other Russian Jaeger’s name. Additionally, there’s also a Breach in the Atlantic, because I wanted a French Jaeger and attacks on the American east coast. And yes, I know Brawler Yukon is an American Mark I. I changed it because I can. Also, I don’t think the twins have a last name so I just used their irl one.]

Cherno Alpha: Russia; Mark-I
Original Ranger Team - Claudia Kuznetsov Stilinski; Petya Kuznetsov
Mission History: 
Credited with 5 kills: Nakhodka; Los Angeles; Seattle; Korsakov; Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Line of defense never breached.

Notes: Ranger Stilinski also served as Cherno Alpha main tech specialist. She is one of two pilots to ever fly solo after the death of co-pilot due to brain aneurism. Due to damages to radiation shielding systems, Stilinski’s solo mission was also her last. The resulting cancer was fatal. 

Second Ranger Team - Stiles Stilinski; Scott McCall
Brought in by Director specifically to reinstate Cherno Alpha for active duty. Cherno Alpha, despite complete repairs and updates, displays odd tendency to not accept neural handshake with newer pilots. The Director hopes that the Jaeger will accept Stilinski’s son/Kuznetsov’s nephew. Preemptive assessment of Stilinski and McCall suggests strong compatibility.

Brawler Yukon: France; Mark-IV
Ranger Team – Chris Argent; Allison Argent

Mission History: Credited with 9 kills: Bordeaux; Lisbon; Porto; A Coruña; Gibraltar; Plymouth; Le Havre; Brest; New York City

Notes: Argent team holds records for most kaiju kills. Due to main tech specialist Victoria Argent’s personal interest in the Ranger team, Brawler Yukon is also one of the most heavily weaponized Jaegers in service. 

Hydra Corinthian: USA; Mark-IV
Ranger Team – Laura Hale; Derek Hale; Cora Hale

Mission History: Credited with 5 kills: Washington, D.C.; Miami; Havana; San Juan; New York City

Notes: Hale team is notable for use of a three pilot system. Hydra Corinthian was designed specifically with the Hale siblings in mind. 

Chrome Brutus: Canada; Mark-III
Ranger Team - Vernon Boyd IV; Erica Reyes

Mission History: Credited with 4 kills: Victoria; Halifax; Juneau; New York City

Kaiju Science
Mathematician - Lydia Martin

Notes: Child genius, admitted to MIT at age 14. Displays strong leadership qualities and would be suited to a command position, but Martin’s talents are better put to use creating prediction models and the study of Breach physics.

Biology - Peter Hale

Notes: Critical study of kaiju samples and classifications has led to Jaeger updated armaments. Vicious personality and encourages more brutal Ranger tactics. Has applied for command positions but each request has been denied.

Additional Notes: Hale and Martin are to be kept out of the same room as much as possible, as per orders of the Director.

J-Tech and Restoration
Chief LOCCENT Officer – Danny Mahealani

Jaeger A.I. Monitor – Jackson Whittemore

Restoration Project Manager – Marin Morell


Ranger Academy

Combat Trainer – Bobby Finstock

Drift Compatibility Assessor – Alan Deaton

Trainees – Isaac Lahey, Ethan Carver, Aiden Carver


World Coastal Defense Corps

Director – Marshall Talia Hale

ps, Daddy Argent gets knocked around at some point and Isaac becomes Allison’s new co-pilot

pps, shit is going down too hardcore and ain’t no way Papa Stilinski and Mama McCall gonna let their babies go in alone (never mind all the other Jaegers) so they hijack Matador Fury and own every one. the end. 

For Combeferre/Grantaire week. Just a snippet from a larger fic that may or may not get posted (definitely not in time for this week). Also, main body of the fic is Combeferre pov and him dealing with his pining, if that interests anybody 

It takes Grantaire an embarrassingly long time to notice.

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FIC: Go Down Together

Fandom/verse: Les Mis/Bonnie and Clyde AU

Summary: “We rob banks.” 

Part 1

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FIC: Go Down Together

Fandom/verse: Les Mis/Bonnie and Clyde AU

Summary: “We rob banks.” 

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FIC: Switch Day

Fandom: Les Mis

Summary: Cosette has an idea for her and Grantaire to have a little bit of fun with their friends. 

“Experiment,” Cosette says suddenly. Grantaire looks up from where he’s been silently contemplating the merits of gouda versus brie for the crackers. Both, he decides, throwing everything onto a cutting board and joining Cosette in the living room. She hits play on the movie, they settle in.

“Experiment what,” he asks, wondering whether or not Cosette’s answering smile should terrify him.

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i’ll never actually post what this is from, but i liked this snippet enough to share. day after Valentine’s Day mass text between les amis and friends


[Jehan]: You were there when I had my Valentine’s sex. You don’t need to congratulate me again

[Courfeyrac]: oh the again was well earned. maybe I could congratulate you again during lunch

[Feuilly]: you do remember that this is a mass text right

[Courfeyrac]: jealousy is an ugly color Feuilly. Just because Bahorel’s idea of a romantic date is getting a beer bottle broken over his head and quoting 80s rom coms at you

[Feuilly]: yet you’ll find me surprisingly ok with the fact that my boyfriend is six and a half feet of hard muscle with a face that makes chris hemsworth look average

[Éponine]: mmmm hemsworths

[Cosette]: I want to lick his face

[Combeferre]: Bahorel’s or Chris Hemsworth’s?

[Cosette]: yes

[Grantaire]: I hope you all remember that he’s on this text thing too and when dudebro wakes up from the sex coma that Feuilly undoubtedly put him in he’s going to be insufferable

[Feuilly]: thanks for the vote of confidence on my bedroom skills

[Courfeyrac]: good points have been made today about sexual prowess and lickable faces. Jehan my love what are our thoughts on foursomes?

[Joly]: you people all need jesus

[Enjolras]: or rehab

[Grantaire]: coming from someone with actual rehab experience I’m not sure there’s a facility on this earth that would take and be able to cure whatever disease it is that ails Courfeyrac

Grantaire spends the next ten minutes trying to decide how one would go about pronouncing the series of offended keymashes that Courfeyrac sends.

FIC: The Beast

Fandom: Les Mis (modern au)

Summary: Bahorel gets a puppy. 

This all exists solely because of Bahorel’s last line. I apologize for everything.

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FIC: Vive La College!

Fandom: Les Mis

Summary: Les Amis, just your average band of college students looking to find their niche, change the world, and get drunk at the bars. And hopefully make it out of there with something more impressive than a 2.3 GPA.


been working on some drabbles for a les mis modern college au so here’s the kids that have been showing up the most

been working on some drabbles for a les mis modern college au so here’s the kids that have been showing up the most