Character Analysis: Magneto and Family

Time for more character analysis! Today I want to get into the Magneto family from X-Men, specifically the X-Men: Evolution incarnation. As I’ve stated before in other rambling posts, I don’t actually read comics. I had a few as a kid, but since they cost money and weren’t already right there in the house like cartoons, my parents didn’t buy them for me much. So, I grew up mostly on the cartoons of any given franchise. And I liked the Evo cartoon. It was corny a lot of the time, sure, but I thought it was an interesting take.

Magneto is probably my favorite character of all the X-Men. I really like villains. I don’t always prefer them to the good guys, but I’m definitely always intrigued by them (I could fill books talking about the villains in Harry Potter or Batman). Magneto is particularly fascinating to me because the more you learn of his background, the more you see where he’s coming from and sympathize with him. I mean, this poor man has been through hell. He’s a victim of the Holocaust, persecuted for no reason other than blind hatred of his religion and race. He’s persecuted and hunted just because he’s different from those in power. Then, when he discovers his mutant abilities, he knows it’s going to happen again. He knows the lows that humanity will sink to, because he was there for it. He’s seen firsthand.

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